Mechanical Assembly Technician M/F

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United States

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Fives Machining Systems Inc. - Hebron

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Job location

America/Caribbean, USA, Kentucky, Hebron, KY

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Hebron 41048

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Mechanical Assembly Technician M/F

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Permanent position

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Scope and Responsibilities:
Essential duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Retrieve and studies assembly instructions, detailed part prints, assembly layouts and parts lists.

Gather parts/units, tools and/or material from inventory using a supplied material list.

Prepare parts prior to assembly. This includes small sized unit assembly work.

Follow detailed work instructions on order or assembly operations.

Assemble machines/units to current assembly procedures, layouts and parts lists.

Practice company standards for:
−     work piece preparation and handling
−     bearing usage
−     fitting procedures
−     pre-loading techniques
−     lubrication requirements
−     alignments
−     fastenings
−     bondings
−     pinnings
−     drilling
−     tapping
−     reaming
−     torqueing
−     pitch movement
−     yaw movement
−     roll movement
−     horizontal and vertical straightness and flatness
−     squaring and parallelism
Practice proper measuring tool selection, usage, inspection and storage:
−     feeler gauges
−     dial indicators
−     vernier calipers
−     gage blocks
−     mechanical gages
−     autocollimator/ultradex
Use small hand tools (taps, reamers, files, etc.) for assembly process.
Use power tools, both air and electrically powered for assembly process.
Perform machine set-up/verification of customer's order specifications by inspection and/or measuring:
−     performs dimensional geometric checkouts of larger units or sub-assemblies on granite
Performs proper machine foundation set-ups.
Performs various installation or assembly work such as:
−     one piece bed assembly
−     heavy sheet metal assembly
−      tool changer or tool matrix assembly
−     simple tubing assembly
−     ball screw fit-up, alignment and checkout
−     electronic linear scale fit-up, alignment and checkout
−     THK-style way fit-up and checkout
−     round way fit-up and checkout
−     intermediate sized units such as Xbox, tables, spindles, etc.
−     large sized units such as AWCs, bathtubs, etc.
Completes required machine and departmental paperwork for each unit/machine assembled.
Work alone or with a team on assembly assignments. Little supervision is required.
Test, adjust, troubleshoot and repair assemblies.
Assist and train less experienced personnel to further their skills.
Assist in keeping equipment operational.
Assist with the loading and unloading of large parts or major machine components when necessary.
Perform dismantling of machines & prepares packing lists.
Assist in field machine installations.
Maintain a clean and safe work area.
Follow safety standards in shop such as:
−     wearing safety glasses at all times
−     using other personal protective equipment when required
−     when moving and handling parts using straps, chains, jib and bridge cranes, etc.

Education and Experiences


One year certificate from college or technical school and/or three to eight years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Three to eight years’ experience assembling highly technical heavy equipment.

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  • Methods
  • Process
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Site
  • Workshop