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Take part in the Sustainability Industry!

Every day in 25 countries, we (8,500 people) create the sustainable solutions the world needs by inventing the technologies of tomorrow across the entire spectrum of industry: from metallurgy to advanced logistics, from cement plants to the tech industry, from the IoT to aerospace.

By Joining Fives, you'll become an entrepreneur who is involved in the design and management of the project from start to finish. Come and work with a group of passionate women and men, proud to be pioneers and above all proud to make the world move forward.

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United States

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Fives North American Combustion, Inc. - Headquarters

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America/Caribbean, USA, Ohio, Cleveland, OH

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Full Stack Web Developer (Hybrid)

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Permanent position

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This is a hybrid position that allows you to work from home on Mondays and Fridays. At Fives we offer excellent health benefits, 6% 401(k) match, paid vacation and sick time, 10 paid holidays, and more!


A Full Stack Developer, or Full Stack Software Engineer, is a Computer Programmer who uses coding to operate on both front- and back-end systems. Their main duties include creating user interactions on various websites and platforms, writing code optimized for mobile and developing databases and services for functionality.


Duties & Responsibilities: All duties and responsibilities are essential functions of the position. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.
Develops front-end and back-end applications, servers, and databases that make up the foundational structure for websites.

  • Designs, coordinates, and manages the overall architecture of the organization's web applications that interact with large amounts of data, and organizes and implements highly scalable, flexible, and dynamic websites and shop solutions.
  • Assures responsiveness of applications, and maintains code integrity.
  • Develops, designs, and maintains RESTful services and APIs.
  • Develops, runs tests, edits, maintains, and documents look and flow of websites using front-end technologies including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and back-end technologies including Ruby, Python, and PHP, to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website.
  • Develops the application, server, and database that make up the foundational structure of a website, using solution stacks like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python) or WIMP (Windows, Internet Information Services, MSSQL, PHP/Python).
  • Collaborates with graphic designers, engineers, other developers, and other cross-functional teams on the various layers of the infrastructure for platforms, applications, etc., to design and launch new features, and to identify and solve challenging web and cloud issues.
  • Managing the complete software development process from conception to deployment.
  • Maintaining and upgrading the software following deployment.
  • Managing the end-to-end life cycle for the production of software and applications.

Education and Experiences

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or another related field or 1-3 years of hands on experience.

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